Difficult contracting and roofing projects

Types of challenges you might run into when roofing

As a contractor, chances are you’ll run into some difficulties along the way. When this happens, you have two options:

  1. Figure out a way to solve those problems and finish the job.
  2. Stop the job and work with someone who can solve the issue.

Regardless of your solution, you need to make sure you understand the risks and possibilities of performing your work incorrectly or unsafely.

Different Types of Residential Appraisals and How to Find the Best Appraiser

An appraisal is a process of placing value on a home or property before you buy. The main goal of appraisals is to determine the market value, which is usually linked to factors such as comparisons with similar property, local trends on pricing, and availability. A real estate appraisal is an important aspect of any real estate transaction.

real-estate-appraisalThe value determined in the process is often used in financing a property or refinancing a home for a home equity loan and lines of credit. There are three main types of real estate appraisals that can be used. The three are cost approach, sales comparison approach, and income capitalization.

Cost approach

This approach works on the premise that the value of the property can be estimated by totaling the value of the land it occupies and the value, after depreciation, any improvement made, or RCNLD. RCNLD sets out to determine how much it can cost to build the same home today. The cost of the land, materials, and labor are all factored in. This approach is usually the best for homeowners who have built their property within the past ten years. This is usually less accurate for older homes because it can be hard to determine the cost of labor and materials more than a decade. This can be a great approach to find the best home appraiser near you.

Sales Comparison Approach

This approach involves analyzing and comparing the property with others of similar properties such as location, square footage, age, lot size, and home features. The buyer seeks to compare apples to apples and choose the one for the lowest price. The appraisal will also involve gauging the marketplace and determining the viability of the property for prospective investors, buyers, and sellers.

Income Capitalization Approach

This approach is usually used for commercial and investment properties. It tries to project the income of a property basing it on the behavior of market participants. Investors interested in commercial real estate rely on this data to predict the income of a property and return on investment. This approach is usually technical and will use many factors.

How can you find the best appraiser?

First, determine if you need an appraisal or estimate. They are both common in the world of real estate, but each serves a different purpose. Estimates are usually general calculations made when exact calculations are not needed. They are usually common for the purpose of putting a home on the market. Appraisals, on the other hand, are more accurate and uses scientific factors.

Find out whether they are licensed and certified

Make sure the appraiser you are considering is licensed or certified by the state to do the appraisals. While this is not always an indication of quality, it means that the appraiser has met the necessary standards needed and is authorized to do the appraisals. There are some states that don’t require licensing.


Ask them about their experience in the neighborhood you want to get appraised. This will help because they will have a deeper knowledge of the area and will provide an accurate appraisal.

How to make sure you use the correct roofing materials for your project

Getting the right roofing material can be essential to ensuring that a house stays warm, dry, and comfortable year round. Cheap materials often fail to provide safe, long-term results and many times do not shelter from the elements. Additionally, making sure and building sturdy rooftops is important during the construction of every house, no matter where in the world it is or how it is built. A good, competent roofer can install a variety of materials on a rooftop, but the importance of acquiring the best materials to use when installing a roof cannot be understated.

Here are various types of roofing applications and when you may want to use them on your project.

Wooden shingles are generally made from bolts of various woods. They are usually made from older red cedars, as younger red cedar usually costs quite a bit more. White cedar and some other hardwoods are also popular in certain parts of the world, such as the eastern United States, where it is widely used in building restoration to restore Colonial-era houses to their former glory. While pure wood shingles are costly and have limited lifespans, they do have the advantage of being able to dry out completely and effectively due to the heat and air beneath them rather than being limited solely to drying out when the weather permits.

Slate is a fairly expensive roofing material, but many wealthy homeowners find that its life span of up to 400 years makes it fairly ideal for a house built to last. Building quality slate is uncommon in nature, though a few famous quarries of the material do exist. In places such as certain regions of Spain, a number of productive locations in Australia, and the region of Bethesda in the country of Wales, quality slate can be found in most cases. For a rooftop that absolutely must stand the test of time, slate is about as good as it gets without delving into state of the art materials that few homeowners can reasonably afford.

Asphalt shingles are fairly popular across the Western world. Constructed of bitumen infused into a fiberglass or an organic mat, these particular shingles are often covered with a colored (usually black, though other colors do exist on the market) ceramic grit. While the exact life expectancy of asphalt shingles does vary widely, they are popular because the process of installing them is extraordinarily swift, and in regions where this material is popular, most roofing companies, like the Aurora, IL roofing company, have streamlined the process to get multiple rooftops well shingled inside of a single day if all that needs to be replaced in the tiles. However, these tiles are only useful on slanted rooftops.

If you have any questions about a roofing project or are in need of help with your own, you can contact a roof contractor Oak Brook for help with your project.

There are also a wide array of ceramic tiles. While costly, this type of roofing material is ancient (having been found in classic Grecian and Roman ruins) and quite durable, lasting well over a hundred years even under harsh conditions. Many types of ceramic tiles exist, including imbrex and tegula tiles, which are common in Dutch homes and throughout India, respectively.